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Pink Champagne & Grapefruit

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About Black Current Candle 
Black Current is a boutique, eco-friendly fragrance collection for lovers of luxury and opulent style. A double wick is used to ensure best scent throw and burning results. Also scented with one of our 8 fragrances this candle will burn for up to 80hrs. Our bespoke glass is solid black unlit when lit it becomes transparent and the beauty of candlelight is truly on show. Our wax is 100% soy – the soybeans originate from specialist soy farms in the USA. It is then made into soy flakes and shipped to us directly from the source in America.

All our candles are triple scented with exquisite and unique fragrance oil’s sourced from around the globe. Triple scented – This term defines the amount of oil used in each candle. Soy wax has a threshold of how much oil it can hold before it won’t set. Black Current candles hold the maximum amount of fragrance oil that is possible.

Our fragrance oils have been carefully created and curated from a variety of perfumeries we work with abroad. Many of our oil’s come from France, USA, Australia and New Zealand locally and all oils are all natural. No nasty methylated or sulphates.

Weight: 500g / 17.6oz
Burning time: Up to 80 hours
Wax: 100% Soy Bean Wax
Scent: Triple Scented, all natural fragrance oil 

Trim wick to 6mm (0.24”) before each lighting
Burn for periods of no more than 3 hours
Leave at least 10mm (3.9”) between burning candles
Container may become hot when burning
Never use lid to extinguish candle flame
Avoid drafts and always burn on a stable, heat resistance surface
To avoid risk of injury, discontinue use and discard when 10mm (0.39”) of wax remains
Never leave a burning candle unattended, near children & pets, or anything that can catch fire
For a limited time only, Black Current NZ is offering free shipping worldwide. That's free worldwide UPS Express shipping (~5 days) from our warehouses in New Zealand!

Black Current will only accept returns for the faulty product. Please contact us first to see if we can resolve your issue and, where appropriate, to receive your special Return Code. We will not accept returns that do not have a valid Return Code. Please ensure that returned product is packaged so that they arrive in "as new" condition.


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